A Lush Golden Hour Elopement

Warm golden hour light, a delicate farmer’s market bouquet, and a Frenchie in a flower collar.

Like so many other events in the wild year of 2020, Henry & Kelsey’s wedding plans had to be changed. Though still planning to one day make their original celebration happen, they decided to focus on the silver lining of their ability to be together and celebrate with their family anyway.


The family full of artists pulled together a beautiful backyard ceremony, draped in lush greenery and thoughtful touches. They picked out the bouquet at a local farmer’s market. Henry’s family, on the other side of the world, attended via Zoom.

Their adorable Frenchie Susu was the official flower dog!


Kelsey’s lovely sister officiated the heartfelt and casual ceremony, which was finished with an excited cheer.

As both of them are talented dancers, we had to have some fun with the quick round of portraits that we shot afterwards! It was fun, expressive, and the two of them make so obvious how much they adore each other.


Henry, Kelsey, and her family are the kind of people that make you feel welcome within two minutes of meeting them. They are such a joy!

It was also so nice to share space with such an artistic group of people. I’ve been missing the theatre world through all of this craziness - this wedding definitely made me reminisce.

I’m so grateful that I could witness their beautiful ceremony and wonderful family.

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