The Most Magical Fairytale Wedding Trends

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Love everything whimsical? These fairytale wedding trends are ready to delight you and your guests. From popular aesthetics to ethereal gowns… these six trends are sure to bring a unique spin to your big day. They’ll be perfect for anyone with a romantic theme in mind.

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us”

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Wedding Trends To Add Some Magic To Your Big Day

  1. Exciting Entertainment

There’s been a huge surge in popularity for quirky and special entertainment on your wedding day. Say goodbye to simple DJs. We’re entering the era of circus performers, magicians, and live paintings. Your guests are sure to be impressed! Fire performers can add a sprinkle of drama, tarot readers a dash of magic, artists a splash of sophistication. Consider changing up your entertainment if you’re looking for a wow factor!

  1. Destination Weddings

We’ve all faced travel restrictions and lockdowns over the last couple of years. So it’s no surprise that couples are looking to celebrate their big day elsewhere! Outside their state – their country – their continent! Sweep your wedding party away to a magical destination, such as the dreamy locations listed in this blog post. But if you’re not ready to go abroad yet, many couples are transforming local spots into their dream escape. Why not recreate sunny Italy, ethereal Ireland, or the Scottish wilderness in your backyard? A wedding planner can be a great resource to help bring your dreams to reality!

  1. One of a Kind Outfits

Imagine a dreamy long veil that floats dramatically behind you. Or a floral and extravagant gown, full of magical embellishments to make you shine. The traditional white dress is no more! Dress like you’re fairytale royalty ready to take down an enemy kingdom. And why not make your outfit extra special? Embroider romantic and touching messages right into the look – or even a magic spell!

  1. Stumble into a Secret Garden

Couples are looking to have their 2022/2023 weddings in the comfort of the outdoors. Safe and airy! Some couples are eyeing up a blend of the two - best of both worlds. Think grand tents, romantic courtyards, or shabby chic barns. These outdoor spaces add so much ambiance and can make you feel lost in a secret garden. A venue fit for all kinds of magic and wonder under the sunny sky or starlit night.

  1. Bridgerton

Not quite a fairytale, but certainly a dreamy romance. Following Bridgerton’s success, people are looking to recreate the hit show for their big day. Think antique china, delicate flowers, and gentle candlelight. The Bridgerton aesthetic is ideal if you’re looking for a historical yet magical theme. It’s traditional and classic, but with a modern twist. Just think about the gorgeous climbing wisteria everywhere!

  1. Escape to the Country

Do you love wildflowers, whimsical decor, and cutesy woodland vibes? Then cottagecore could be for you. A popular aesthetic, it’s perfect if you want a more natural take on the fairytale theme. Think Snow White’s cottage rather than Cinderella’s castle. There’s also a huge opportunity to make your wedding sustainable with such a nature-inspired celebration.

We hope these fairytale wedding trends inspire you to have the celebration of your dreams.

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