How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Searching for a photographer for your wedding or elopement?

When selecting a photographer, there are many essential components to consider. This professional will hold a significant role in your plans. Envisioning such a special day through photographs is an exhilarating experience, and the right artist can bring your dreams to life. I hope you find these tips helpful on how to pick a wedding photographer!

So, what's your style?

how to pick your wedding photographer

First things first, ask yourself: What do your dream wedding photos look like? For now, forget about cost, location, and all the details. What trends inspire you and best fit your plans? Would you like a photographer that has more of a vintage & nostalgic style, a soft & whimsical approach, or a lively & modern flair? What are your favorite colors? Are you a lover of vivid & bold pops, or neutrals? This is very crucial and often a deciding factor when you and your partner make your final decision.

Don't know your/your partner's wedding style? Here's how to find it:

  • If you're a visual person, check out platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Use some key words to describe your vision (ie. bold, vivid, moody, candid) and search through the endless inspo - it can be helpful to make a document, board, or album of images you like.
  • To get an idea of your personal style, observe the kinds of colors, textures, and aesthetics you surround yourself with. What makes you happy? What makes you calm? Now think about what you and your fiancé want to feel on your wedding day, and there you have it.

Start the Search

Personal referrals are typically a first-line option of hiring a wedding photographer. Inquire on social media groups as well as within your circle of friends.

Not into referrals? Other creative options include Instagram hashtags, local vendor lists, and even straight up Google! After doing some research, you will be able to compile a list of reputable, professional photographers. Then prepare a checklist of your personal requirements that you can reference at your convenience.

Ask Questions

Getting to know your prospective candidates may very well be the most vital element in the process. You and your fiancé will want to sit down and chat with each photographer. This should undoubtedly feel natural with the right person. Your personalities should connect, and your visions should parallel. Vibe out their mannerisms to make sure they are on par with what you want, and that you feel secure and comfortable around them. Keep in mind your values while getting to know your potential photographer. With the right candidate, you will notice that they will also be relaxed yet professional during your meet and greet. This is extremely significant, as he or she will be shadowing your every step on the big day.

Scroll through your candidates' portfolios. Examine the lighting and detail. Do the colors and tones align with your style? How do the photos make you feel?

You will want to know all of the specifics of the package price and coverage. Find out if the photographer charges by the hour or by the event. In capturing your big day you'll want to make sure they can provide the coverage you need, whether a multi-day elopement or evening wedding. Be sure to ask about contracts and insurance.

Also, inquire about the post-production details. Ask questions such as, how long is the turnaround time? How many images should I expect? How are the images delivered? What kind of back-ups do you keep? While it may seem time-consuming now, these are helpful details to know!

Once you've gotten to know some photographers, you should feel better equipped to make your decision! Trust you & your partner's gut instinct. Who made you feel the most comfortable? Who are you excited to spend the day with?

I hope this guide on how to pick a wedding photographer will help you feel more confident when it comes time for selection. Your wedding photographer will play a sizable part in one of the most paramount moments of your lives. Feeling at ease with this person will allow for the most enjoyable experience!

Still looking? I would be honored to talk more about my photography & videography services! From adventurous elopements to stunning weddings, I love it all.

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