5 Unique Wedding Venues in England

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Discover 5 of the best wedding venues in England to bring your dreams to life.

Finding the right location for your dream wedding can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you want to be adventurous and travel abroad. Need some inspiration? In this post we'll look at 5 venues in England that could provide the perfect backdrop to your big day. After all, it is the home of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Bridget Jones, and Hugh Grant!

It won’t be long before you're swept up in the romance of the English countryside, breathtaking coasts, and stately homes.

Kew Gardens, London

england wedding

Did you pick up a green thumb during quarantine? This is the perfect venue for those wanting nature to play a part in their ceremony. Kew Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an enchanting location for a wedding. Find yourself surrounded by fragrant flowers and tropical plants. Despite the Victorian glasshouses full of greenery, you’re also only a short journey away from Central London and the action of the city. 

Preston Court, Kent

Next up, we have Preston Court in the South-East of England. Branded one of the best barn wedding venues in the entire world (that’s right, the world!). If you’re looking for a more rural and down-to-earth vibe on your big day, then look no further. With 600 acres of private land, there’s a lot available and plenty to admire. From idyllic gardens, to a 17th-century barnyard, to a vintage carousel ride! Decked out in plenty of fairy lights, this venue is sure to look magical at night!

Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall

Located in Cornwall, the Carnglaze Caverns are a truly intimate and unique venue. Saying your vows next to a candle-lit underground lake sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but it can be your reality! However, there are a few things to note first. The obvious one to start... make sure you and your wedding party aren’t too claustrophobic. Secondly, be ready to navigate a few stairs (60 to be precise) to reach the ceremony chamber -  it’s definitely a grand entrance!

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Temple of Apollo, Stourhead

You might recognize this location from the film Pride and Prejudice. That’s right, you too can recreate the scene where Mr. Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth. The Temple of Apollo overlooks the breathtaking 18th-century grounds of Stourhead and what a sight it is. Full of beautiful classical architecture and picturesque landscapes. Enough to make any couple swoon! Plus, in England, it’s always a bonus to have the sun god looking down on you in case of any rainy spells!

Tunnels Beaches, Devon

If you plan to have your big day on the beach, Tunnels Beaches in Devon is the place for you. Accessed via a hand-carved tunnel from the 1820s, the private beach is as sheltered and intimate as you can get for an ocean-view wedding. Thankfully, with a thatched gazebo overlooking the stunning views, you’re safe from any unexpected weather. Share the special day with loved ones and bask in the glow of a beautiful sunset. Pretty romantic, right?

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These are only five of the best wedding venues in England out of many gorgeous options! If you're looking for a photographer to help you plan and coordinate your dream wedding or England elopement, I'm your gal.

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