Why You Should Have a Big Sur Elopement

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Top Reasons to Elope to Big Sur

If you’re looking to elope, there are plenty of romantic, stunning destinations that could be perfect for your special day. But if you want an elopement with all the romance and excitement that can be found in an outdoor destination wedding, Big Sur should be at the top of your list.

Here are five reasons why you should have a Big Sur elopement!

Between the scenery, activities, and location options, there are endless reasons to choose Big Sur for your elopement plans. Check out these top 5 reasons I've compiled:

Big Sur is Stunning

This may be the most obvious reason on the list. The views in Big Sur are some of the best in the country, and there are plenty of places to stay and things to do in the area. From its sprawling coastline with crashing waves to a canopy of fantastically tall trees, you can find a location for any aesthetic, cost, and backdrop.

  • Beachfront: Garrapata State Park (don't forget a wedding permit!)
  • Venue: Loma Vista Gardens
  • Forest: Limekilm State Park

There are Many Activities to Do in Big Sur

Big Sur is the perfect destination to plan a whole weekend of adventure, or even prolong it to a road or a week-long honeymoon. In addition to hiking along the redwoods and coast, here's a list of things you can do while in Big Sur to make your elopement extra special:

  • Set up a romantic dinner in Nepenthe with a view of the ocean
  • Get your day started by eating fresh breakfast bread from Big Sur Bakery 
  • Explore the books in Henry Miller Library.
  • Photograph the famous Big Sur spots of Pfeiffer Beach Keyhole, Bixby Bridge, and McWay Falls
  • Have a nighttime dip at the beach Esalen Hot Springs.
  • Take a day trip to go Whale Watching!

There are Great Places to Stay

The area boasts an assortment of gorgeous stays for you and your loved ones. A popular tourist spot, there's no shortage of options with a variety of accessibility for out-of-town travelers!

Glen Oaks Big Sur
Glen Oaks Big Sur is by far the most private redwood grove in Big Sur. Glen Oaks is a lodge and event space that spans each side of Highway 1 in Big Sur. This area offers stunning forest settings and private space.
Ventana Big Sur
Ventana Big Sur is a luxurious resort that offers luxury hotel rooms as well as trendy glamping spots. It also has a standard campsite for tents! One of the best benefits of this location is that you can soak in the sunshine and admire the views of the ocean from the swimming pool.
Loma Vista
Loma Vista has recently undergone some significant changes that allow couples to select between two locations for weddings that include guests. There is a brand new ocean-view site that's stunning and ideal for couples looking for a private space in a picturesque area. 

There are Excellent Restaurants in Big Sur

Some of the top restaurants you’ll want to try in Big Sur are:

Deetjen’s: With its charming English design and warm fireplaces, the four-room restaurant is reminiscent of a traditional English country cottage. Since 1930, the founder’s Norwegian natives Helmuth Deetjen and his wife Helen have been known to provide their guests with an intimate welcome in this charming inn, hidden in the middle of Highway 1.

Post Ranch Inn
At 12,000 feet over at an elevation of 12,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean and perched on the edge of a cliff, the breathtaking view of the Post Ranch Inn provides one of the most spectacular spots to view the sunset or sunrise with a gourmet meal.

Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant is unique by cooking with wood and a delicious menu that will please your taste buds throughout the day from breakfast until dinner time. Breakfast scrambled eggs can be served over wood-fired bread; an exciting variety of sandwiches are available for lunchtime snacks.

It's for all these reasons and more that Big Sur is a great option for eloping in the United States. If you love the idea of celebrating your marriage in front of sweeping landscapes, consider a Big Sur elopement.

Need a photographer to help guide you through the process? I help with permit research, location scouting, and more, and would love to create your dream elopement together.

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