The Best East Coast Elopement Destinations

Considering an East Coast elopement? Congratulations!

You’ve discovered the hidden treasure chest of elopement locations. Admittedly, not everyone immediately thinks of the East Coast when imagining the most romantic and intimate place on earth – but they should.

As the popularity of elopements has soared, so too have East Coast elopement destinations. From the sprawling hills of Maine to the glistening waters of Florida and the seemingly endless stretches of rugged beauty in between – the East Coast is a sanctuary of stunning elopement spots.

Gorgeous backdrops and idyllic landscapes are punctuated by quaint, sleepy towns where love can blossom in peace. If any of that has you dreaming of exchanging your vows, we’ve amassed a list of the most stunningly romantic and intimate East Coast elopement spots just for you – enjoy!

Your Guide to the Best East Coast Elopement Destinations

Gramercy Mansion, Maryland

Built in 1902, the Gramercy Mansion has a charming sense of soul, history - and, if you’ll allow us the sentimentality – the eternal. While the mansion itself is a masterpiece in quaint architecture and traditional decor, the true art show takes place in the gardens, where you’ll find sprawling yet cozy gardens brimming with well-kept greenery and flowers. No matter where you decide to pose, you’re guaranteed a picture-perfect finish at Gramercy Mansion.

Salem, Massachusetts

It more than earns its spot on the list through sheer historical and local value alone. Aside from the evident magical appeal of the mystical town, Salem offers rustic, windswept backdrops and several unique architectural gems in the shape of wooden homes. Just don't forget to stay respectful of its myriad histories while visiting.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a popular elopement destination thanks to its scenic coastline and charming seaside towns. Well-known for its nautical surroundings paired with plenty of green spaces, Newport is ideal for couples on the hunt for romantic beach, ocean, park, and garden weddings.

Acadia National Park, Maine

If you're looking for a popular destination, an Acadia National Park elopement may be perfect for you. Locations like the Otter Cliffs or Hunter's Beach make for a mystical and perfect seaside backdrop. Jagged rocks and sweeping landscapes galore!

Keep in mind certain ceremony sizes may require a $50 permit from the park.

Boston City Hall, Massachusetts

A popular spot for intimate ceremonies, Boston City Hall, is surprisingly romantic, largely thanks to its timeless ‘feel’ that’s loaded with nostalgia and sophistication. We’d also like to emphasize our use of the word intimate: there’s a 4-guest limit at Boston City Hall weddings. So, if cozy, incredibly personal, and undeniably photographable is your thing – this is the East Coast elopement destination for you. 

Spruce Knob, West Virginia

Hear us out - West Virginia may technically be part of the south thanks to the Mason-Dixon line, but we think it deserves a spot on this list anyway. Spruce Knob is the highest point in West Virginia which makes its resemblance to the Scottish highlands a little bit less shocking. Covering the expansive mountain are beautiful meadows, mountain vistas, waterfalls, and rocky terrain that offer the ideal even ground needed for vow exchanges.

While not yet entirely well-known as an elopement spot, we expect this East Coast (okay, maybe a little more South) elopement location’s popularity to skyrocket very soon – watch this space (and get in before the trend!)

The beauty of choosing the lesser trodden path means you enjoy a unique experience that’s only for you, your loved one, and however many guests you decide to invite (if any at all.) So, an East Coast elopement, all things beautiful, distinct, and wonderful considered – is a resoundingly fantastic choice.

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