Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for a Green Event

eco friendly wedding

How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Wedding

It’s your big day, so plan it your way. If an environmentally friendly wedding is a priority for you, there are a plethora of ways to make that dream come true. From the design to the menu, eco-friendly wedding finds are easy to source and can be very accessible.

Even though others may have certain expectations for your celebration, doing your part to help the planet can make an awesome statement. Reducing the environmental impact of your wedding will both be true to yourself and may even inspire others to do the same in the future.

Here are some of my favorite tips for making your wedding environmentally friendly:

Put An Ethically Sourced Ring On It

Exchanging rings is a traditional part of the ceremony so make your ring choices be a part of your eco-friendly theme. Be ethically responsible when purchasing diamonds, being certain that they are from conflict-free areas. Consider exchanging heirloom rings or checking out an antique store.

The Good Trade has a handy list of 11 ethical engagement ring options!

Serve an Eco-Friendly Menu

Incorporate organic, local, and Fairtrade food. Consider a meatless menu or go 50%. Support caterers who support local farmers. Since about 10% of wedding event food is leftover, plan to donate unused portions to local shelters or distribution centers. Another option is to compost leftovers, thus avoiding waste.   

Avoid single-use plastics and paper for dishes and utensils, choosing instead to rent dishes and linens if not already provided.

Research the term "zero waste" to learn more about how to compost.

Go Green & Choose Local           

Are flowers a non-negotiable for your day? Choose organically raised seasonal flowers. Afterward, donate floral arrangements to local nursing homes, shelters, or hospitals. Help brighten someone else’s day with your lovely arrangements.

Use Decorations Made From Upcycled Or Recycled Items           

Harness your imagination and create a trendy bunting. Find favorite old fabrics and cut into triangular shaped flags, string, and drape in prominent places for that festive touch. Forego balloons and have fun with biodegradable confetti instead. Flea markets and thrift stores can provide a treasure chest full of objects that can be repurposed into beautiful decorations. This also gives your eco-friendly wedding an extra unique look!

Find A Photographer Who Is Leave No Trace Aware

You don’t have to go far for this one! As a LNT aware photographer, I hold to the principles and ethics of maintaining wild habitats and respecting animals in natural spaces. Thanks to the completion of the Leave No Trace course, I am aware of how to make the least impact on the environment as possible, without sacrificing what makes your big day special.

Go Green & Save Trees With Evites

Both elegant and beautiful invitations are available in an abundance from online retailers. However, if more traditional paper invitations are your style, buy from a growing number of businesses that offer a wide selection of products, including decorations, made from recycled paper.

Learn more about the benefits of recycled paper on Greenerprinter.

Something Old, Something Borrowed

Your choice of wedding attire can also factor into your theme for the big day. Vintage, second hand or heirloom clothes are great possibilities. If a new purchase is more desirable, opt for a company that is ethically responsible to their garment workers and fabric producers. You can even rent your dream formalwear as an affordable option!


Go a step further and get your guests involved! Consider a method of giving back by offering guests the opportunity to contribute to environmental or social charitable groups gifted in your honor. Another way to do this could be making a donation in honor of your guests, rather than traditional wedding favors.

Final Thoughts

Small details can have a big impact, so sourcing out conscious companies will be helpful. Biodegradable and reusable décor aid in keeping with the low to no waste theme. Additionally, ecologically responsible food choices, venues, and flowers are all important factors.

Additionally, consider the location, distances guests will have to travel, and carbon footprint. It may take a bit more ingenuity and creativity, but your goal of an eco-friendly wedding will a treasure long remembered.

Being environmentally conscientious in planning your wedding day can be both creative and satisfying. These aspects of your environmentally friendly wedding will contribute to creating a memorable event that honors your values!

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