Fairytale Wedding Location Ideas

Been watching too much Bridgerton? Wishing you could turn your wedding into an extravagant 18th century ball? I've got you covered.

Your wedding can be one of the most momentous days of your life. When planning the ceremony and festivities, you may be inspired to create one reminiscent of a fairy tale. Whether simple or extravagant, the atmosphere you design will have a significant impression on yourself and your experience. Here are a few ideas to help get you started on this journey.

Forest Wedding

What could be more magical than getting married in a beautiful forest? The natural woodsy setting creates a warm and romantic vibe. Nature has helped with most of the decor so go ahead and add a splash of vibrant color for contrast. Statement bouquets and long veils can be a great way to elevate the vibe!

Cottagecore Wedding

cottagecore wedding inspo

A cottagecore-themed wedding is quite trendy today. While this type of wedding is meant to be simple, there are plenty of design opportunities. You will want to create an environment that evokes nostalgia and idealized country life. Venue locations can range from a backyard to a barn, or an elopement on a mountainside. Perhaps the use of a tent strung with pretty lights and green garlands will contribute to the feelings of a slower-paced life. Color suggestions range from oatmeal to clay and olive. Consider a flowy peasant style dress, adorned with ruffles and lace. Make sure to use romantic fabric prints as floral ties and table runners. Consider providing simple provisions in the form of a charcuterie board.

Beach Wedding

A picturesque beach wedding is about as whimsical as it gets! The warm grainy sand, endless sky, and waves provide ample background for your special ceremony. Enhancing the setting with warm, beach-inspired colors. You may want to have a wireless microphone available to ensure that your guests can hear those vows over the sound of the waves and wind. Choose serene yet hardy flowers to withstand the elements. Keep you and your partners' attire comfortable and light. It's a good idea to provide water for your guests and equally important is to consider the time of day, morning or late afternoon/evening being the best.

Castle Wedding

A castle wedding is a dream for many couples. The castle itself provides a royal, Cinderella-like atmosphere. One doesn’t have to leave the U.S. to find a beautiful one either since many exist from coast to coast. Each castle has its own unique history and lush grounds. To contribute to the storybook setting, consider adding special touches such as decorated vow books and lush bouquets with trailing ribbons. Simple, striking attire will feature perfectly in this enchanting ceremony. Add romantic lighting and draped fabrics to fill out your fairytale wedding backdrop.

Did one of these concepts spark your interest? I hope you now have some themes to consider that you did not think of before. Ponder the ideas with your fiancé, and once you have selected one, run with it! Relish in each moment of planning your fairytale wedding.

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