Incredible Backdrops for Your Adventure Elopement


If these words describe your ideal wedding day, I invite you to consider elopement. Weddings ought to be as beautiful and unique as the people they are celebrating. Even more, your wedding day should be whatever you and your partner want it to be. Elopement creates exciting opportunities for couples to embrace their passions, go on an adventure, and intimately celebrate each other on the first day of the rest of their lives together. What will that look like on your wedding day? I’ve rounded up a list of gorgeous adventure elopement destinations to inspire you and your spouse-to-be.

Here are five incredible backdrops for your adventure elopement.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland 
Adventure elopement in Ireland

If you and your partner are looking to escape into a grand, majestic land, look no further than the stunning cliffs nestled against the west coast of Ireland. Breathtaking views will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos as you and your partner are captured, lucky in love, and forever overlooking Ireland’s most precious gems, the Cliffs of Moher.

Wedding Park, Florida 

Looking for picturesque white beaches and clear blue water? Head to the platinum coast of Naples, Florida for a tropical getaway. Royal palm trees flank your path as you walk across beautiful brick pavers leading you to the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Plan to exchange vows at sunset for a spectacular backdrop. Furthermore, this public access beach provides a fabulous destination for a fraction of the cost of any wedding held on a beach.

Lake Louise, Canada 

Dreaming of turquoise waters reflecting snow-peaked mountains? Take your adventure elopement to one of the most gorgeous spots in North America: Lake Loise, Canada. Surrounded by luscious evergreens, this beautiful lake glistens in the sunlight. Every photograph will be crisp and beaming – just like this amazing space.

Backyard Beauty 

Keep it simple if that’s your desire. Look no further than your own home. Choose a date when the weather is ideal and plan your beautiful day in your backyard. Have a floral arch arrangement made and sprinkle your favorite flower petals on a path leading to your archway. Or line potted plants to create a path for the bride and groom to walk down. 

Joshua Tree, California 

ua Tree

Trek your way to the desert and experience adventure elopement in Joshua Tree. Let the spiny cactus, fiery sunsets, and starry nights create a masterpiece for all your memorable moments. Then, enjoy the quiet intimacy this national park supplies. Bask in the relaxing vibes and observe the wide variety of wildlife that calls this desert home.

Ready to elope?

Whether you choose to go big and travel to another country or stay home and elope in your own backyard, adventure elopement is a fantastic way to go when planning your marriage. The wonderful thing about elopement is, it’s all about the two of you.

I hope this list inspires you and your partner to plan the unique and intimate adventure elopement that you’ll tell stories about in the future. Need help planning? Reach out! Enjoy your big day!

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