Locations for your Ireland Elopement


Unique Locations for your Ireland Elopement 

Ireland is a truly breath-taking place packed with quaint beauty spots, vibrant cities and towns, and rugged coastal wildernesses. It provides the backdrop for truly memorable experiences. When you couple this with the fact that Irish people are known for being good-natured and friendly, a trip to Ireland is undoubtedly a must on your bucket list. In this post, we will explore some of the unique Ireland elopement locations you should explore during your elopement that will leave your heart filled with memories and your photos full of stunning backdrops.

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The Ring of Kerry 

The Ring of Kerry is a 180km route in Ireland's southwest, where photo opportunities abound. If you plan a trip to Ireland in the summer when the weather is most kind, you can walk the ring and journey through rugged mountains and lush, green rolling hills. Then, snake around the rugged Atlantic coast that is the gateway to the United States. Perhaps the ring's standout feature is a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed monastic settlement on Skellig Michael. Still, wherever you plan to visit on the route, it's likely to take your breath away.

The Cliffs of Moher 

The towering cliffs of Moher sound like they could have been featured in a Tolkien novel. A trip to the cliffs presents you with nature in all its terrifying grandeur, as the 700ft cliffs rise above the churning waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the stunning edge of the County Clare coast. If you fancy a walk in the countryside but are put off by the 180km distance of the Ring of Kerry, you might like to undertake the Doolin Cliff Walk instead. At just 8km, you can enjoy this coastal walk in a few hours. Bear witness to the stunning panoramic views out across Galway Bay.

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The Giant's Causeway 

The imperious Giant's Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site and is Northern Ireland's most memorable site. Above all else, the Causeway is a staggering geological wonder, with more than 40,000 hexagonal columns tumbling into the sea. The Causeway was formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago, but it takes its name from the legend that Irish warrior Fionn mac Cumaill laid the stones to use as stepping stones to fight against the Scottish. While undeniably stunning, it's important to realize that The Giant's Causeway is in Northern Ireland, not the Republic of Ireland. You will have to travel across the border to visit.


You've heard the song about the Galway girl, right? Many visitors to Ireland don't move past Dublin but failing to do so means you won't appreciate the bohemian charm of the quaint city of Galway. Life moves slowly in Galway. You can wander the streets admiring the unique architecture such as the 16th Century Spanish Arch that overlooks the Claddagh and invites you to explore the Atlantic Ocean that extends out into the bay. As one of Europe's Cities of Culture in 2020, a trip to Galway enables you to enjoy some of Ireland's most creative shows and music festivals. Be sure to sample some of the award-winning restaurants and pubs while you're there.

The Guinness Storehouse 

This may stand out from the other locations on this list. If you know me, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Guinness Beer. The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin hosts private events, so this could be a great spot to gather a few friends. Celebrate your stunning Irish adventure with a tour of Ireland's iconic beer.

We've only introduced four unique locations for your Ireland elopement in this post. There are dozens of places you should think about incorporating into your itinerary. Wherever you visit, Ireland will take your breath away, and provide a beautiful spot for a magical elopement.

I'd love to help capture and plan your perfect Ireland elopement!

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