Unique Ideas to Make Your Elopement Extra Special

elopement idea of painting

From minimalistic to grand, an elopement is a very personal experience made extra special by the touches you choose to add. Here are some unique elopement ideas to consider for your elopement day.

Make it a masterpiece.

elopement idea of painting

Your special day is all about you! If you’re looking for a really unique elopement idea, consider asking an artist to come along to your adventure elopement and paint a live scene to capture the moment. Having a work of art created in the moment, on the first day of the rest of your lives together, will for sure mark a stunning memory that you can display in your home for years to come.

If you play music, set the vibe for your nuptials by serenading your beloved. Or consider hiring a string quartet, singer, or harpist who can play a tune special to both of you. Adding an artistic element will bring enchantment to an already magical day.

Scope out a brewery with your love.

Who says you can’t have a little fun on your wedding day? That’s what elopement is all about! Check out a local brewery, or travel to a city famous for its craft culture like Asheville, NC. Get a flight of beers and toast to your union! This unique elopement idea will surely be one for the books. Make your wedding day meaningful by doing something both of you love.

Have a celebratory meal!

Hire a private chef to celebrate your first meal together as a married couple. This unique elopement idea is perfect for foodies. Request your favorite dishes or go for something exciting and new. Commemorate the feast at your Airbnb or make it a fun picnic by setting a table with a beautiful cloth, flameless candles, and native plants. Simple additions will go a long way in adding to your enjoyment.

Choose your own adventure to make the moment more memorable.

Go on an adventure hike to a beautiful spot. Canoe to a secret waterfall, or even bike to your favorite quiet place. The options are endless when it comes to adding an element of adventure to your unique elopement. Carry along your favorite coffee, tea, or beverage to share at sunrise.

Need ideas on where to elope?

If you do plan to adventure, hiring an environmentally friendly Leave-No-Trace photographer can make all the difference in capturing those cherished memories of the day. On your wedding day, the preservation of your adventure elopement location is just as important to me as capturing incredible memories.

However you decide to elope, your elopement will be unique because it is yours. Plan your elopement exactly when and how you want it to take place. I hope you will consider these unique elopement ideas – and feel free to make them your own. By adding personal touches, you'll add to your overall enjoyment, making it truly a cherished day to remember.

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